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GLIB 3197: Global Business Logistics: Home

Research resources and tips for Global Business Logistics

Locate Articles and More: GALILEO Discover

GALILEO Discover is a powerful search tool that can be used to access millions of SSU library articles, eBooks and other (primarily digital) resources in one search.

PROS: Good general starting point; can be used for many different topics and assignment types; access the widest variety of information sources

CONS: Number of results can be overwhelming; requires trial-and-error / filtering efforts to locate relevant results

Business Databases

Use these specialized databases to limit results to business / logistics related articles.

Access Non-Full-Text Articles: Interlibrary Loan

InterLibrary Loan (ILL) can be used to request articles that are not available through SSU's databases or other collections. Library staff will contact other universities/ colleges to get a copy of the article for you, for free.

TIP: When requesting articles through ILL, provide as much information as you can - author, title of the article, name of the journal, date, etc. This will make it easier for staff to search for your article and can help speed up the process.

Tips for Locating Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Articles

  • Library sources are not always scholarly. Limiting search results to "scholarly journals" and "academic journals" can help. (See below).

screenshot of limit box in EBSCO and GALIELO

  • Check the source (journal) name to make sure the article comes from a scholarly journal, not a book or a conference proceeding.
  • Skim the PDF to make sure it's a full scholarly article. It should have an abstract, length of 5-10 pages or more, explanation of research methods and findings, and a list of references / citations at the end.
  • Book reviews, editor's columns, and commentaries are not appropriate sources for this class. By skimming the PDF you can see whether it is one one of these source types.

Save and Organize Sources

Zotero Logo

Access Online Resources Off-Campus

Access online resources remotely

Access the library's online resources anywhere. Start with the resource links on this guide, and log in with your Tigerworld information when prompted.

The old GALILEO password still works if you do not get a Tigerworld log-in screen.  You can retrieve the password online through your Library Account. 

Additional instructions are posted on the handout below.

Can't log in? Contact the library.