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MBAP 6401: Organizational Theory and Behavior: Home

Research tools and skills for MBAP 6401, Spring 2019

A Broad Starting Point: GALILEO Discover

GALILEO Discover is a powerful search tool that can be used to access millions of SSU library articles, eBooks and other (primarily digital) resources in one search.

PROS: Good general starting point; can be used for many different topics and assignment types; access the widest variety of information sources

CONS: Number of results can be overwhelming; requires trial-and-error / filtering efforts to locate relevant results

Business Databases

Use these specialized collections to hone in on business-related articles.

Access Online Resources Off-Campus

Access online resources remotely

Access the library's online resources anywhere. Start with the resource links on this guide, and log in with your Tigerworld information when prompted.

The old GALILEO password still works if you do not get a Tigerworld log-in screen.  You can retrieve the password online through your Library Account. 

Additional instructions are posted on the handout below.

Can't log in? Contact the library.

Survey Tools: Options to Consider