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SOWK 2200: Human Needs and Human Services: Find Info Sources

Research tips and tools for Prof. Taylor-Duncan's SOWK 2200 class (Spring 2020)

Databases: A More Specific Way to Search

A database is a specialized online collection of information sources. Searching a database will provide more specific results as compared to GALILEO Discover.

GALILEO Discover: Expand Your Search

GALILEO Discover is a powerful search tool that can be used to access millions of SSU library articles, eBooks and other (primarily digital) resources in one search.

Wikipedia Alternative: CREDO Reference

CREDO is a great starting point for research. Its online encyclopedias and dictionaries provide background information and links to additional, in-depth research sources.

Help During COVID-19

Need research help? We're here for you. Click to schedule an online meeting with your librarian.

Additional info about online library help & resources:

Search Tips

  • It's OK to start with Google and Wikipedia searches to learn more about your topic, as long as your research does not END there.
  • As you learn about your topic, jot down related terms that may be needed for more research.
  • Too many search results? Use filters (checkboxes) to limit your results.
  • Search words usually need to be revised a few times before you get a good match. Patience is key!
  • Double check your citations for accuracy if you created them with a generator.
  • Ask a Librarian for help at any point during the semester!

Search Smarter

This short video explains some things to keep in mind while 'shopping' for information sources. (Video by Okalahoma State University Edmon Low Library; CC BY-NC 4.0)