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Guide created to provide support for students in BIOL2401 as they prepare and design their research proposals. Covers Scholarly vs. Popular articles, Developing Search Terms for a topic, Primary vs. Secondary sources, Evaluating Web sources, and techniqu


This research guide has been developed to help you navigate your literary research for your BIOL2401 class.  Use the tabs to review searching techniques, access journals, find the criteria for CRAAP (source evaluation tool), and to refresh your memory on determining if your source is scholarly/peer reviewed, primary or secondary, or none of the above.  There are also tips on reading a scholarly research article, and the contact information for you Library Liaison. 

Assignment Part 1: Evaluation of Web Resources

Does a high water salinity have an adverse effect on macroinvertebates?

Using the statement above as your research topic, evaluate this website using the worksheet for the CRAAP test.  You may find the worksheet under the Evaluating Sources tab on this guide.  Be sure to review the CRAAP test and watch the short video on using CRAAP to evaluate sources.

Be sure to address each area of the CRAAP test with specific examples from the website provided, and provide your final score for the website.  Based on your score, would you use this web site as a resource for a research presentation on the given topic?  Yes, No? And be sure to tell me WHY!!

Assignment Part 2: Primary or Secondary Source

Open and Review the pdf documents.  Using the information in the "Primary vs. Secondary"  tab of this guide, determine if you are looking at a Primary Source or a Secondary Source.  For each article, please indicate if it is Primary or Secondary and tell me WHY it is Primary and/or WHY it is Secondary.  Use evidence directly from the article to support your claims.  Be prepared to discuss your findings in class!

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