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BEHV 3103: Measurement in Behavior Analysis: Find Internet Resources

Information and links to materials appropriate for students enrolled in BEHV 3103: Measurement in Behavior Analysis

Finding Internet Resources

We all know there is a wealth of information available on the Internet.  The problem with searching for information on the Internet is that we don't always know where it comes from and whether or not it is authoritative.  It is important to be selective and to evaluate the information you find online.  

Apply the CRAAP Test  with each website you visit, especially those you plan on using in your paper or project. 

Evaluating Websites: CRAAP Test

When you search the Web, you’re going to find a lot of information . . . but is it accurate and reliable? You will have to determine this for yourself, and the CRAAP Test can help. The CRAAP Test is a list of questions you can ask yourself in order to determine if the information on a web site is reliable

 CRAAP is an acronym for:

Currency - Is the material current? Does it contain outdated or disproven information? Is the site maintained regularly?

Relevance - Is the material relevant to your question?

Author - Who wrote the content? What are the author's qualifications? Is there a way to contact the author?

Accuracy - How accurate is the information? What evidence does the author use? Does the author cite sources?

Purpose - What is the purpose of the content? Is the content objective or biased?