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CHEM 4601: Polymer Chemistry: Home

LibGuide created to assist students in Polymer Chemistry with their research assignment.


This Subject Guide is designed to give a reference point to help you successfully complete your assigned research paper. Use it to help you discover how to effectively search/navigate library resources, and also how to effectively read and evaluate the information you find. 

This guide has several pages. Use the tabs to navigate through the guide. You can also use the "Print Guide" link to print the entire guide, or the "Print Page" link to print only the current page.


Assignment Breakdown:

Taken from your CHEM 4601 Syllabus (Spring 2016) as created and distributed by Dr. Pascal Binda.

RESEARCH PAPER (Information Literacy and QEP):
A paper or project with a strong research component that requires analysis and synthesis of various scholarly sources within the student's major or discipline. Research paper has to be written from a polymer related topic in accordance to the class. Students will have to choose a topic that will be approved by the instructor.

The paper should be fully referenced using peer-reviewed journals. Any internet sources must have a minimum of 11 score on the CRAAP test ( Students must inform the instructor of the subject topic before beginning writing so that it can be approved. Usually some research must be done with the assigned librarian in order to choose a topic, locate, and evaluate sources.

Research Paper Requirements:
 A minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 15 pages (double spacing, 12 pt font size, times font)
 A minimum of 15 scholarly sources consulted
 A minimum of 10 scholarly sources cited in the paper
 A minimum of 8 scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles cited in the paper

Students will have to submit a one-page reflection essay with the following guidelines:
1) What steps did you take to locate and evaluate the quality of possible sources? Whom, if anyone, did you consult for help in locating and evaluating sources? If you had it to do again, what might you do differently?
2) Of the sources you consulted, which did you find the most valuable and why?
3) Do you feel you handled the information presented in the paper in an ethical manner? Explain.
4) Have your research skills improved during your time at SSU? If so, in what way?