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FSCI 4901: Forensic Science Seminar: Home

This guide has been developed to provide literature research guidance for students taking Forensic Science Seminar.


This Guide has been created to help you navigate library resources for your literature review in Forensic Science.  The guide is "tab" oriented, with each tab designed to cover a specific skill set in creating a literature review.  It will be available the duration of this semester, so please refer back if you need a quick review on any area.  For instance, if you do not remember how to request an Interlibrary Loan for an item, come back to this guide and review the tab for ILL. 

These research guides are not static!  Changes may be added as the course proceeds (to help you as you prepare for your presentations), so please check back during the semester!

BEFORE our first session on January 25, please answer the brief survey below.  Then review the content under each of the tabs and complete the activities under the "Exercises" tab. Email your completed activities to by this Friday, January 22.  Make sure your name is on the assignments!

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