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EDUC 2110: Critical Issues in Education: Find Info Sources

This guide introduces essential research tips and tools for EDUC 2110 with Dr. Thompson (Spring 2020)

Wikipedia Alternative: CREDO Reference

CREDO is a great starting point for research. Its online encyclopedias and dictionaries provide background information and links to additional, in-depth research sources.

Databases: Focused Access to Education Sources

A database is a specialized, online collection of information sources. Searching a database will provide more specific results as compared to GALILEO Discover.

GALILEO Discover: Expand Your Search

GALILEO Discover is a powerful search tool that can be used to access millions of SSU library articles, eBooks and other (primarily digital) resources in one search.

Help During COVID-19

Need research help? We're here for you. Click to schedule an online meeting with your librarian.

Additional info about online library help & resources:

Search Tips

  • It's OK to start with general Google, Wikipedia and encyclopedia searches to learn more about your topic, as long as your research does not END there.
  • As you learn about your topic, keep a list or mind map of related terms that may be needed for more research.
  • Too many search results? Use filters (checkboxes) to limit your results.
  • Search words often need to be revised multiple times before you get a good match. Persistence and patience is key!
  • Consider a variety of sources... scholarly articles, professional articles, books and high-quality websites.

Search Smarter

This short video explains some things to keep in mind while 'shopping' for information sources. (Video by Okalahoma State University Edmon Low Library; CC BY-NC 4.0)