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Mircroform Reader: ScanPro 3000 Instructions

This guide gives detailed instructions on how to use the Library's microform reader the ScanPro 3000.

What is a microform?

A microform is a general term for any material that contains a small image or microreproduction of a document. These document images are usually found on film. There are two common film formats: microfilm and microfiche. Microfilm is a roll of film. Microfiche is a flat sheet of film. Since the images are so small, special readers/scanners are used to view the documents. Microforms help to save space. Here at the Asa H. Gordon Library, we use the ScanPro 3000 to view microforms. 

Where are microforms located in the library?

Microforms are located on the first floor of the Asa H. Gordon Library. They are located near the current periodicals section in gray file cabinets. There are also located against the bound periodical shelves around the GALILEO computer area. 

ScanPro 3000 Video

ScanPro 3000


ScanPro 3000 Workstation

1. Logon to the computer using your Tigerworld credentials. 

2. Turn the ScanPro 3000 machine on. The switch is located on the back. 

3. On the desktop, click on the icon “PowerScan 3000”. This can also be found on the Start menu.
              **If you receive this message, the scanner needs to be turned on.


4. Choose your film type: 35mm Roll Film, Negative Fiche, or Positive Fiche.

5. To load microfilm onto machine:

  • Pull glass tray out all the way - a diagram showing how to load the film will appear on the computer screen. 
    • Follow the diagram to load film and push glass back in place.
    • Use the “motorized film controls” to find pages needed & adjust as needed.
    • To unload, pull glass toward you and double click the “rewind” button on the “motorized film controls panel.”

6. To load microfiche onto the machine.

  • Pull out glass tray and place fiche under glass tray.
    • The bottom of the fiche should go in first so that it is upside down to you.
    • Move the glass around the find the images to scan.
    • To unload, pull glass toward you and remove fiche.

7. Scanning/Saving/Printing

  • Adjust image as needed using the buttons located on the screen. View the Quick Start - Graphic Button handout for an overview of each button. You can also "mouse over" a button or clock the Help button plus any button on the tool bar. 
  • Scanning and saving are completed in the same step. Go to the Output tab. 
    • Click "Scan to Drive 1" to save to the MyScans folder on the desktop.
    • Click "Scan to Drive 2" to choose the location in which you want to save your scans (e.g. Jump drive location, My Documents, Desktop, etc.). 
    • Continue scanning until all images needed are scanned. 
  • Print jobs can be sent to the Black/white (Xerox 5550N) or color (Xeroz Color) printers. Black/white prints are $.10 per page and color prints are $.25 per page. Users will need a print card to print from the microform reader machine.
    •  Click "Printer #1" to send scan to the Black/white printer.
    • Click "Printer #2" to send scan to the Color printer. 

Quick Start - Graphic Button Overview