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CHEM 4901: Chemical Seminar: CHEM 4901:

Welcome to the LibGuide for CHEM 4901: Chemical Seminar! Use this guide as a base-of-operations for your projects, and for navigating the Library's many resources.


Welcome to the LibGuide for CHEM 4901: Chemical Seminar.  This guide will provide helpful hints, tips, and guidance for navigating and evaluating the scholarly literature available on your research topics. If you have any questions about this guide, please contact your liaison librarian, Patrick Morgan ( OR x4332). 



saving the planet...with chemistry

This is magnesite, a mineral that can absorb carbon dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas. According to Science Daily,  Scientists have found a rapid way of producing this compound. If this can be developed to an industrial scale, it opens the door to removing CO2 from the atmosphere for long-term storage, thus countering the global warming effect of atmospheric CO2. (Photo: Ian Power;