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Citing Sources: Home

Citing Sources are several ways to cite sources in a paper. Your instructor will generally have a preferred style to use in your paper. Common citation styles include:

  MLA (Modern Language Association) 

  APA (American Psychological Association)

  ASA (American Sociological Association)


  CSE (Council of Science Editors)

  Complete Discipline Listing

Note: Properly cited material will contain both an in-text citation (or footnote), as well as the full citation in the references section. An in-text citation is an abbreviated citation immediately following the quotation or paraphrase of the original source. [Image Credit]

Why Cite?

  • Citations ensure that proper credit is given to the original creator
  • In-text Citations help distinguish between your own thoughts and those of the original.
  • Citing your sources ensures the prevention of plagiarism (See Avoiding Plagiarism LibGuide for more information).

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