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Finding Journals

A guide to accessing Asa H. Gordon Library's print and electronic journals

Step 1 - Using the GIL FIND Catalog to find Journals

The Savannah State GIL FIND catalog is where you start your search for a journal title. This will show you journals available online as well as older journals that Asa H. Gordon Library has in bound volumes and microfilm.

Step 1: Go to the library's homepage, click on the Research Tools menu, and then click on the 2nd link, GIL Find.

Asa H. Gordon Library home page with Research Tools menu and GIL Find link highlighted


Then click on Find Journals.

GIL Find menu with Find Journals highlighted


Or go straight to the Find Journals page by clicking here.


Step 2 - Enter Journal Title

Step 2: Enter the journal title that you are looking for in the search box. 

The red box shows the search term. This example is looking for the journal Social Research.

The blue box shows some of the results.

The green box shows how you can view the results in smaller groups, like peer-reviewed journals, journals available online, etc.

Journal Search for "Social research" with boxes showing search term, search results, and ways to limit search

Step 3 - Open Journal Record

Step 3: Open the page with the journal details.

Click on the picture of the journal, the title, or the location information (highlighted with red boxes below). All links go to the same record.

Search results for journal Social Research with clickable links highlighted with red boxes.

Step 4 - Find Journal Location - Library or Online

Step 4: Determine if the journal volume and issue you need is located in the library or online.

Journals in the Bound and Microfilm collections are often at least 25 years old.

Journal in the library:

Information for Social Research available in bound volumes or microfilm in Gordon Library

To view the details of a location, click on the arrow in the red box to the right in the image above. The location details open, as shown below. 

Gordon Library has the volumes dating from 1971 to 1996 on the Bound Periodicals shelves on the first floor. To find your article, you would need to locate the bound volume with the correct volume, issue, and date. Librarians are available to help you with this!


Journal Available Online:

This journal is available in four different databases with different dates available. Select the database that includes the date that you need. If you are on campus or already logged into GALILEO, the database should open from this link. If you are doing research off campus, you may be prompted to enter your Tigerworld credentials to view the database.

List of online databases where the journal Social Research is available

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